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About Us

In 1977...

Compressor Elements began in June of 1977 by Steve Swarb, as a small specialty gas compressor repair and manufacturing machine shop.

From it’s beginning as a compressor valve repair shop, Compressor Elements has grown it’s product line and services to include repair and manufacturing of the whole line of compressor component parts. Compressor Elements continually expanding our services to include: packing and wiper gland repair, piston and rod repair and manufacturing, Cylinder relining and spraying, Con-Rod and Crosshead: repair as well as vvcp repair.



In 1991, Compressor Elements purchased the machinery of Hamil Machine, In Odessa, to position Compressor Elements as a major player in the compressor cylinder relining business and the repair of all major gas compressor parts.

Early on in the business life, in 1979, Compressor Elements purchased it’s first (2) CNC (Computer Controlled), milling machines to be able to manufacture New Compressor valves and valve internal parts. Over the years, the compressor valve manufacturing department has grown to include (17) Mazak:  CNC turning centers and milling machine centers, that are totally dedicated wholly to manufacturing New compressor valves and valve plates for all brands of compressors.

As Compressor Elements continued to grow and expand our products began to include New, Heat-Induction hardened piston rods with Rolled-Threads in 1994. Compressor Elements has since it’s inception offered custom machined piston rings and wear bands manufactured from a variety of custom blended teflons and PEEK materials.



In 2015, Compressor Elements invested in a State-of-the-Art Compressor Cylinder Plasma Spray facility. This sound-proof spray room with a programmable holding table and a computerized robot controlled spray gun take away all of the guess work in repairing cylinders back to the OEM standard bore sizes.

This expansion of a new repair service let Compressor Elements control our deliveries to our customers while also controlling the price of the repair. This in-shop plasma repair service made it possible for Compressor Elements to start-up it’s own compressor cylinder exchange program, so as to be able to offer our customers an even faster turnaround time to reduce their compressor down time.

Compressor Elements main office and machining facility is located at 2306 S. Stockton in Monahans, Texas. Our Permian Basin  location is made up of an 8 acre storage yard, (3) shops that consists of over 50,000 sq. ft. of shop and warehouse space. In 2008, Compressor Elements expanded even more and set up shop in Granbury, Texas in the industrial park. Our business there consists of a 2 acre storage yard with a 7,000 sq. ft. machine shop and warehouse. From this location we are able to serve our customers in North Texas, Oklahoma, East Texas and Louisiana.


Continuing to Grow

Compressor Elements has continued to grow and expand through 45 years of business. We have continued to increase our on-hand, in-stock warehouse inventory and can provide our customers with most any item needed to keep their compression up and running to it’s peak efficiency. Compressor Elements has always been known by our customers for having top quality repairs and parts and for our fast repair turnaround times.

Compressor Elements is your One-Stop-Shop in the gas compressor industry. Our knowledgeable sales force, our experienced shop personnel and machinist, and our fleet of trucks doing pick-up and delivery service to the gas plants and compressor stations, separate Compressor Elements from the competition.  

When you want experience, service, and quality, you need Compressor Elements Service, Inc.